Snoopy with Air Force

Process: I made this project by using a reference image of Snoopy, and creating a simple piece with prismacolor pencil. For this piece I decided to do more of an out there, random art piece, and so I chose Snoopy, along with my object, the Nike AF1 SF1. To start off the project I surfed the web for an image that wouldn’t look awkward, and that would show the side view of Snoopy’s feet, which would allow the Nike sign on the shoe to be showing. The first step of the process was to slightly sketch out the layout of Snoopy, after finding some small paper to put it on. After this I went over the 4H pencil with black ink, and colored inside the lines with my prismacolor colored penicils to make the images complete. Since the image looked so plane, I decided to write Air Force 1 in the top left corner and color it in with blue colored pencil.
Reference photos: