Scream Remastered

Art History
“Art History Remastered”
Process: To create this project I used prismacolor pencils, 4H pencil, and colored pens in order to remaster the historical art piece in a scarier way on gray-toned paper. This piece was very difficult because it was hard to make out the images from the original image. For this picture I used gray toned paper as well, the first thing I did was pull up a picture of the Scream image and sketch the layout of the picture on the grey toned paper with a 4H pencil. After I had the layout set, I decided to make the setting of the image more conceptual and scary, so I added a haunted house, a white moon, a bloody sky, beast paw prints, turned the actual scream person into a ghost. For the entire image I used colored pencil, except for the bloody sky I used red colored pen.
Reference photos: