Parish Football Self Portait

“AnatoMe Self Portait Series”
Process: To create this project I used a reference photo of Cameron Wake, and sketched his pose on gray-toned paper, while applying prismacolor pencils and white gel pens. I also used an image of our Parish football team, and myself included in it to replicate the parish uniforms. This image was one of my favorite ones I did because it was a self portrait of myself, and because of the white highlights that stood out. To begin the process I googled images of Cam White, a defensive end for the Miami Dolphins because he had good images to use for poses, and so for all three of my self portraits I used Cam White images. To start off I sketched the layout of the image of Cam White with a 4H pencil on gray toned paper, and after that I slightly colored in the uniform of Parish’s uniforms, in which I used a reference photo of myself wearing the jersey. For certain parts of the image I colored darker, like on the numbers, so that it stood out. After this I thought I was finished, until I realized how clean it would look if I used a white gel pen to outline all the details. Because I wanted this self portrait to reflect my brothers connectedness and brotherly bond, and reflect on how we all would all go to the same college, and NFL team. So I decided to put all their #’s on the sides of myself in the image, along with their high school graduation class. At some point I was going to put our logo in the background but I thought it’d be too much, so I just outlined everything in white gel pen.
Parish Episcopal School
Final piece:
Reference photos: