“Unconventional Piece”
Process: To create this project I referenced to a Daffy Duck Photo and used black pen and prismacolor pencils, along with words in the background to make this image look unique. For this image I used 3 reference pictures, the first was an image of Daffy Duck with his feet revealing, and the second was the Air Force 1 shoe that was at the right angle to draw on Daffy Ducks feet. The last image was an image of the FORCE letters in the Background to make the image not look so plain. To start off I used pencil to draw the outlines and then after I decided to go ahead and color in the cartooon character with prismacolor pencils, while outlining with black pen. After finishing the coloring and outlining, I decided that the image looked too plain, which brought me to conclusion to add the words, which was the final step in my art piece.
Reference photos:

Sensory: Cerri suggested that instead of making this on a big sheet of paper, to make into na tiny one, so that it is easier to draw, and so that the extra space is minimal.

Formal/Technical: Lauren liked this picture, and suggested that I keep it simple because if it’s too complex it’ll throw off what I want the image to show.

Expressive: Anna Catherine said that this looked like it was an add on Cartoon Network or something, and she said it looks like the message it’s trying to send is to get people to wear these shoes.

Elements and Principles of Design:

-Scale: The sense of scale is shown by the comparison of size between Daffy and the Nike SF1 AF1, amen sense the boot is only on one foot, the scale makes it stand out and recognize that.  Also the scale between Daffy and the FORCE letters makes both daffy and the words stand out.

-Space: Since there is not any details in the background besides the words, the space allows the boot to stand out.

Reflection: Overall this image was not really one of my liked ones, becasue I did such as poor job of coloring and neatly drawing the letters. I learned that even though I might not have exactly colored this thing that good, people still loved this image because of Daffy Duck, and they noticed the boot which got them to ask about it and where they could buy it, similar to what Anna Catherine said. I’m proud of the idea I had for this design because it was unique, and because it attracted many people to it. Next time around I will do this piece more neat, and color better, and take my time to make sure it looks neater and not last minute and rushed.