Prismacolor Nike SF1 AF1

“Unconventional Piece”
Process: I made this project by creating a border of duck tape around the image, and within the image, first drawing a layout with 4H pencil, then applying methods of coloring with prismacolor and adding blue pen details. My reference photo was one of the SF1 AF1 I found online. To begin with, I found the image for the reference picture on google, and in order to draw the image I decided to print the picture out so it would be easier to replicate the pictures freehanded. For the paper, I decided to use gray tone because I think it looks so good with colored pencil on it. Before I began the drawing stage, I used light duct tape to outline the border of the paper to make it easier to stay in line with the color pencil and to make the edges more crisp. After this I began, with a 4H pencil, to slightly draw the entire image, details included of the shoe, for this I didn’t use scale, because I like challenging myself to see how perfect I can get it, and because I’m pretty good at it. After the pencil blueprint, I labeled which parts were which color, and began coloring it with prismacolor pencil. For the colored technique I used a lot of burnishing, and layering. For all the light parts of the shoe I would slightly use the lighter blue and put down a light layer of color, then do the same with white, then go back over harder with the blue and do the same with white, and then using the colorless blender to smoothen the layers. For the darker parts I would do the same process except instead of lighter blue, it would be the darker blue. For the texture I used a dark blue pen to make small dashes along the entire colored area.
Final image:
Sharpies, Prismacolor Pencils, Art Kit of pencils, charcoal,etc.
Reference Photo:

Sensory: Mrs. Johnson suggested that I used dark blue pen to make the texture show more.

Formal/Technical: Anna Catherine suggested that I shouldn’t color the background, because originally I was going too use white gel pen to make some sort of background but she said it was better simple like this.

Expressive: Cerri said that the image looks like it belong in a realistic time period, and that my colored pencil coloring gave the picture a “cool” and professional mood.

Elements and Principles of Design:

-Color: I used color by layering and burnishing blue and white, in which is used to make a drastic difference from which parts were darker and which were darker and the blue pen to show dark designs in the shoe.

-Texture: I showed texture by using the white colored pencil over the blue and going over it multiple times, and using to colorless blender to make it look smooth, while also adding blue pen to show the rougher texture that looks like if you touched the paper you would feel it.

Reflection:I loved this project because I love using prismacolor pencils, and layering  and burnishing. I learned that I could apply different numbers of layers to make some parts darker and lighter than others. I also learned that I’m really good with colored pencils, which is good, because I like using them for projects outside of school. I’m proud of how good I could make the colored pencil looked on the gray-toned because I had just bought the gray-toned paper and I was curious how good it would look, and it looked great. In the future I will continue using toned paper for colored pencil art, like tan paper or recycled paper. Next time I would add some sort of background that has the color white, whether it’d be with colored pencil or gel pen, and in the future I’ll do this on the entire gray paper, instead of cropping it on a small sheet.