Multicolored Nike SF1 AF1

“Unconventional Piece”
Process: To create this project I applied borders to make differnt colors meet, while using hatching, all done with colored pens on white paper. For this art piece, I also used the same style as my colored SF1 AF1 drawing. To begin, I used a 4H pencil to sketch out the reference photo without scaling. Just like some of my other images, for this one I used the hatching technique going different directions because I think it looks unique. And so for this one I originally had duct tape divide the sections for different colors, but it didn’t turn out looking so good, so I improvised and mad random colored sections and used the hatching to make the artwork look very detailed. Thank God, this was a success, but next time I’ll use more eye pleasing colors instead of bright ones.

Reference Photos:



Sensory: Anna Catherine suggested that I should keep his for my unconventional, instead of throwing it away because I didn’t like it. She said to keep going, and luckily I did and it turned out to look decent.

Formal/Technical: Cerri said instead of doing a pencil background of hatching, that for this one I shouldn’t do snything but just keep it plain and simple.

Expressive: My sister thought that since this piece had so many bright colors, that the mood was “playful.”

Elements and Principles of Design:

-Color: Color is portrayed here becasue I]of the many colors used here to make the hatching methods meet different colors every few inches. I made the colors collide very often and switch to make it looked like a whole bunch of random colors meeting.

-Line: The hatching was one for the line methods I used, especially since I added the detail of the shoe and went over it with hatching softly.

Reflection: At first I didn’t like his image and thought it was ugly because of the colors, and it still is, except now I like it since the image is actually finished and looks unique. I learned that you can’t stop making and image or give up just because it doesn’t look good at the moment, so just keep going til it’s finished and you might change your mind. I’m proud of the fact that I can successfully execute using hatching lines and different colors to make the shoe design and be able to tell what it is. Next time around I’m going to use different colors, and maybe even add something simple in the background, or use white gel pen on certain parts and see how it looks.