Colorful Nike SF1 AF1

“Representational Piece”
Process: I created this project by using various pens, 4H pencil, and sharpie on white paper to create an extremely detailed and conceptual shoe. A reference photo that I got the idea from was off of Pinterest, and that’s what game me the idea to make it in color because it would show value. This art piece was one of the far most complex and detailed art pieces, I started this one out similar to how I did all other 5 Nike designs, by using the same picture. The first step to this art piece was to use a 4H pencil and sketch out the outline of the shoe, including all the details. After this I used a handful of my little younger sister’s colorful pens, and drew lines going different ways, in different sections, a hatching method. For the colors I tried to make it look gradual by making the colors go from dark to light, so hopefully it appears that way.
Reference photo:

Final Image: Nike

Sensory: Anna Catherine suggested I add something to the background so that it wasn’t just all white. She thought I should continue doing the hatching method because on the shoe it looked like a whole bunch of colorful glass.

Formal/Technical: My little sister, Taylor came up with the idea of doing colored pens, and let me use hers.

Expressive: Cerri said that the mood looked playful, and it looked like something from a sketchers commercial.

Elements and Principles of Design:

-Color: For color I used various different colors and used hatching to create a value, and gradual change from dark to light colors.

-Line: For the line, since I used a lot of colors I decided to use the hatching method because I could show a gradual change with the colors and lines.

Reflection: Of all my 5 shoe pieces that are Representational, this one is my favorite because I like the colorfulness, and hatching. I learned that with this piece I can create my own artistic method and make it look good instead of copying other artwork. This is good, because most the time I draw something I’m using an image to visually go off of. Next time around I might not so the background lines in pencil, but instead in gel pen, and do the piece on a different color paper.