Comic style Nike SF1 AF1

“Representational Piece”
Process: I created my project by using reference shoe photos and visually applying them to paper with pencil and pen. To begin the process, this art piece would be similar to the other 5, obviously, so I used the same reference photo. And for this one to make the process go by faster and more accurately I traced the pencil, original picture I drew, and from there I just used pen to out line it and do all the details, along with add crosshatching and hatching lines to make it look like someone comic-like.
Reference Photo:


Sensory: Anna Catherine suggested that I trace the original image of my pencil sketch in order to make the images look similar, and so that it’d be easier.

Formal/Technical: My younger brother, Isaiah said that I should make it look like a comic style like Jim Lee by just doing the hatching and crosshatching, and he recommended not to add color.

Expressive: Cerri said that the image gave a comic-like feel, and looked like something I would see in a comic book, and that it looked good.

Elements and Principles of Design:

-Line: I applied line by using various methods of hatching and crosshatching to give it a comic-style look.

-Unity: There is a sense of unity, because the hatching is pretty much consistent and revealing in certain parts, and lines are consistent all around and because the image looks accurate and precise.

Reflection:As a result of this image, I liked it because I love comics and it looked like something from a comic book, not to mention I like doing hatching. I learned that by adding hatching to an image it can add value, and texture. I’m proud of the fact that I didn’t mess up the image with the sharpie, because it’s hard to not mess up when it’s permanent. In the future, I’ll draw this on a different color paper, or material so that it is not so plain, and looks more comic-like, perhaps an actual comic page next time.