Blind Contour Nike SF1 AF1

“Unconventional Piece “
Process: To create my project I visually applied the details and appearance of the image into the gray-toned paper while following contour guidelines using a 4H pencil. In this art piece I went to the Nike website and pulled up an image of a back view image of the shoe, and from there I used a 4H pencil to draw on grey toned paper. For this piece it was difficult to not pick up the pencil, or glance at the drawing, but I managed to do it completely, although I didn’t include all the details.
Reference photo:
Sensory: Anna Catherine said that this one was her favorite because the contour of ongoing lines made this piece look abstract.
Formal/Technical: Cerri recommended that I include as many details as possible while contour drawing it.
Elements and Principles of Design:
-I used different forms of line, to make the art piece include details form the shoe. For line, I carefully made sure that all the lines connected to a single stroke from the pencil, that is continuous.
-I also used space, which was a difficult one because I had to determine how much to space out the image while not looking at it, so in some spaces I added a lot of space, knowing I would have to add a lot of details and make sure they fit inside that area, other times I didn’t.
Reflection: I learned from this piece how difficult countour drawing can be, and the difficulty of wanting to lick up the pencil or wanting to look at my artwork while drawing it. I’m proud of how great this turned out looking, the details, the form, and the overall art piece is pretty accurate, despite the many lines that cross random places. Next time I would want to use color or something else to make it easier to see from further away, because the pencil marks are so light, and because color adds a more pleasing appeal to the eye, than pencil.

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