Cropped Nike SF1 AF1 360


“Unconventional Piece”
Process: To create my project I referred to Footlocker’s 360 rotation view of the SF1 AF1 and visually drew it in paper with different H and B pencils. In this one I wanted to do something unique because it was part of a series of unconventional prices, and so I decided to use white strathmore Bristol paper and divide it into areas that captures different images of the shoes. First thing I did was go to Nike’s website and pull up the AF1 and different views of them because it made it look more unique. After finding images of the views I was planning on using, I decided to sketch out the parts of the shoe, and eventually gradually shading using a series of H & B pencils, to show value and tint. After drawing 6 boxes I decided I was done because the process took too long, and I didn’t really even like it.
Reference Photos:





Sensory: Anna Catherine thought that instead of doing 9 boxes just stop right here with 6.

Formal/Technical: Cerri thought that instead of putting dividers or boundaries around each cropped image, she thought it’d be more interesting to combine them, or put no lines that separated them.


Elements of Principles and Design:

-Texture: You can seee the detail within the shoes on different parts of the shoe, and that’s what allows different pictures to reflect different textures and provide differnt unique views.

-Value: The shading present is the value that defines the shoe and the different colors and textures present.

Reflection: Overall I didn’t exactly like this image because it was just ugly, and I didn’t like how bad the shading was. I learned that the cropping was accurate an that I was able to successfully crop the image out with my mind and what I wanted to, which was good and I was proud of. Next time, hopefully I’ll try to make the shading more accurate and try to take more time and shade correctly.

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