Dolphins Football Self Portrait

“AnatoMe Self Portrait”
Process: To create this project I used reference photos and applied them to gray-toned paper with a 4H pencil, and prismacolor pencils while eventually using white gel pen to make the piece more complete. This image was one of my favorite ones I did because it was a self portrait of myself, and because of the white highlights that stood out. To begin the process I googled images of Cameron Wake, a defensive end for the Miami Dolphins because he had good images to use for poses, and so for all three of my art pieces I used Cameron Wake images. To start off I sketched the layout of the image of Cameron Wake with a 4H pencil on gray toned paper, and after that I slightly colored in the uniform of the Dolphins uniforms, in which I used the same reference color of Cameron Wake with prismacolor pencils. For certain parts of the image I colored darker, like on the numbers, so that it stood out. After this I thought I was finished, until I realized how clean it would look if I used a white gel pen to outline all the details. Because I wanted this self portrait to reflect my brothers connectedness and brotherly bond, and reflect on how we all would all go to the same college, and NFL team. So I decided to put all their #’s on the sides of myself in the image, along with their high school graduation class. At some point I was going to put our logo in the background but I thought it’d be too much, so I just outlined everything in white gel pen.
Final Piece:

Reference Photo:902EEC32-8315-461F-8899-F99816DA8335Sensory: Anna Catherine suggested that I go over the entire piece with white gel pen because it would look sharper, originally I was thinking about it, but I went to her for her opinion.

Formal/Technical: Cerri suggested that I outline the class numbers with white gel pen so that I could see them, becasue from far and close you couldn’t even recognize that they were there.


Elements and Principles of Design:

-Emphasis: Even though it;s not direct or very clear, you can still recognize how the numbers on my jersey and of my brothers stick out the most, along with the white gel pen, which caught my attention.

-Unity: By allowing the white gel pen to outline the entire person, it formed a unity around all the colors used and all the detail and even the class numbers which were also outlined in gel pen, which brought the piece together more, and connected it as one piece.

Reflection: Overall, these three self portraits are my favorite art pieces I did for portfolio, because they were about football, and because they were so cool, with all the gel pen highlights, the simplicity, and the gray-toned paper. I learned while doing this piece that white gel pen can really make a difference to your artwork, because just by adding this, my art project looks so much more crisp and perfect. I like my piece because it relates to me, and serves as a vision of myself playing for the Miami dolphins woth my number, 52, along with my brothers.  I’m proud of how well I visually drew Cameron Wake on gray paper, and how accurate it looks, because it looks so good, that everyone thought I traced it. Next time around, in which I will do this piece again, I’ll add the mascot behind me in he background, and instead of just slapping on my brothers numbers, I’ll accurately measure them out to make sure they are neatly drawn on there. Also next time instead of doing 3 different images, I plan on combining them all on one big poster, and drawing my brothers slightly and very lightly in the background, highlighted.

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