Hierarchy Nike SF1 AF1


“Composition Piece”
Process: To create this project I used my imagination to plan out the layout and proceed with blue and black pens to create an art piece that had hierarchy. For this, I didn’t use any reference images, just straight imagination, so I started by drawing Nike swooshes in the top left corner and bottom right corner with blue pen with one and black pen with the other. Immediately after this I had the bright idea to give the image my signature hatching lines, and so for the Nike check that was done in black pen I used blue pen to make them, going in different directions. And vice versa for the blue Nike check which had black lines done behind it. Since hierarchy is center of attention, something that catches your eye or stands out in the image, I decided to make in big letters the words Nike Air Force in black letters and blue for some of them, and to make them stick out I colored the inside of the words with the opposite pen and continued the hatching background behind these words also. Once finished with that, the Nike swooshes that I did I the beginning looked invisible and the only thing that stood out were the words Nike Air Force.
Reference Photo:

Sensory: Anna Catherine thought that I should put “just do it” instead of just adding another Nike swoosh.

Formal/Technical: Cerri thought that I should make the Nike swooshes even next time around and not so sloppy and just drawn without attention to detail.


Elements of Principle and Design:

Hierarchy: Since this was the them, and the reason I made this piece this is obviously a element present here. Hierarchy is shown is revealed through how the words “Just Do It”stands out because it;s the only thing colored in.

Line: I used line in various ways for this piece, besides making the objects shoe like the swoosh, I use line to make the hatching going in various different directions, and give the image a unity of a background just of hatching.

Reflection: Overall this piece was a successful atempt to demonstrate hierarchy, and I thought that it looked well, but could be better. I learned that by making the hatching lines behind this piece, it helped hide the Nike swooshes and revealed the “Just Do It” words. I liked how I used the hatching with 2 colors, black and blue at times the hatching would interact and the two colors would meet. Next time around I’ll slow down and make the hatching more neater, and probably use a ruler to make sure the lines are straight, along with making the swooshes even, and not one bigger than the other.

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