Miami Football Self Portait

“AnatoMe Self Portait Series
Process: To create this project I used reference images of an NFL defensive end, Cameron Wake and used a 4H pencil, prismacolor pencils, and gel pens to create my very own master piece. This image, similar to my other 3 self portraits, was one of my favorite ones I did because it was a self portrait of myself, and because of the white highlights that stood out. To begin the process I googled images of Cameron Wake, a defensive end for the Miami Dolphins because he had good images to use for poses, and so for all three of my self portraits I used his images. To start off I sketched the layout of the image of Cameron Wake with a 4H pencil on gray toned paper, and after that I slightly colored in the uniform of Miami’s uniforms, in which I used a reference photo of the Miami Hurricanes out on the field right now. For certain parts of the image I colored darker, like on the numbers, so that it stood out. After this I thought I was finished, until I realized how clean it would look if I used a white gel pen to outline all the details. Because I wanted this self portrait to reflect my brothers connectedness and brotherly bond, and reflect on how we all would all go to the same college, and NFL team. So I decided to put all their #’s on the sides of myself in the image, along with their high school graduation class. At some point I was going to put our logo in the background but I thought it’d be too much, so I just outlined everything in white gel pen.
Final Image:
Reference Photos:
536597E2-8726-4E34-9BA1-86F97E92D227Sensory: Once again Anna Catherine suggested I highlight myself with white gel pen,.

Formal/Technical: Cerri recommended that next time I do the numbers more neatly and darker and precise.


Elements and Principles of Design:

-Space: Once thing I made sure to include, is to minclude enough space between my brothers numbers, sandbox between myself, so that the image would look more simple, and not all crammed into one picture.

-Space: For line, I added lots of veins, to my person, and made home look extra detailed, so that when I went over the original lines with white gel pen, the lines would look good and not just there.

Reflection: Overall, similarly to my dolphins and parish image, these are my best images of my portfolio so I really am proud of making these. By making these pieces I learned that I can successsfully execute visually drawing an image without tracing or anything, and that my visual skills are good. I’m proud of my final product because it looks so crisp, and because I was able to make the image drawn on the grey paper by just looking at the image of Cameron Wake and drawing it. Next time around I’ll take more time to draw the helmet and my brothers numbers, so that they’re more neat and not so sloppy or unevenly drawn.and next time around I’ll draw all 4 of us, except I’ll be in front and it’ll be on a bigger paper.


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