Scale Nike SF1 AF1


“Composition Piece”
Process: To create this project I referenced back to the shoebox that came with my SF1 AF1, and replicated it onto gray-toned paper with colored pencil and pen, while comparing it to the size of an iPhone. To make an art peice with scale was pretty easy, so I decided to include a drawing of my shoebox that the AF1’s came in. So with that being said I used grey paper for all 3, space, scale, and hierarchy. The first step, I penciled out the layout with a 4H pencil, next I colored the shoebox with prismacolor pencils and outlined it with black pen. At first I don’t know what image I should use to scale with the shoebox, but then I thought of including an iPhone. For this I did the same process.

Refernece Photos: NONE

Sensory: Anna Catherine said that I should go over the outline of the shoebox with black pen again.

Formal/Technical: Cerri said that in the future I should make the phone case a different color than the phone to make the image more recognizable.


Elements of Principle and Design:

-Scale: The most obvious element, because this was a drawing based off of scale, but I used  scale to make a recognizably huge difference between the show box and the iPhone.

-Space: Space is seen to make the image simple and not detailed or anything but just simple. I use space to make a lot of the background just the gray-toned paper, to make it look like all the focus is on the difference between the size of the shebox and the iPhone.

Reflection: This drawing was very simple, and not very neat so I wasn’t as proud of the outcome of their one as my self portraits. Making this art piece I learned that the easiest way to make the scale stand out is to chose a very big (wide) and and taller image vs a very small and thin image, and to include a very plain background to make this stand out. In this image I’m proud of  how I was able to come up with objects to use to make the scale work. Next time around for sure I’ll make it neater and more accurate, by actually making the sides of the shoebox even, along with making the color even, not light in one spot and dark in another.

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