White Gel pen Nike SF1 AF1

Final photo:BC9C9CE0-EDD5-42F2-B643-F2D5C6BDCEF7
“Unconventional Piece “
Process: I created this art piece by visually drawing out the a replica from the image of the Nike shoe from footlocker’s website with just pencil and then eventually gel pen, once I decided it was a better choice. To start out this one I looked at an image of an Air Force one, and simply just looked at it to draw it on the gray-toned paper with a 4H pencil. Originally that was it, but once I had it layed out in the art gallery the pencil marks were too light so I decided to go over the entire thing with white gel pen, and add the words Nike SF1 AF1 and highlight the 1 in both words to make it stand out and look super cool.
Final photo:
Reference Photo:
Peer critiques:
SENSORY: Anna Catherine told me I should go back over the pencil with white gel pen, so that it would stand out more.
FORMAL/TECHNICAL: Cerri told me I should color in the number 1 in the words to make it stand out, and add hierarchy to the piece.
EXPRESSIVE: Ms. Johnson thought that this one was well executed and liked it before the white gel pen, and liked the simplicity, not to mention she recommended that I hang this one up in the art gallery.

-Elements and Principles of Design: Color and value, is applied very well in this piece because once I added the white gel pen, it was clear that this was going to be a very beautiful piece, in fact because the white is so bright, that it sticks out, especially on the gray-toned paper.

-Also I used form, because the shoe is not abstract or geometric, but it’s an organic shape, which allowed me to make this shoe’s shape.

Reflection: Overall, this was a great experience, and one of my favorite SF1 AF1 pieces of all of them. As one of my unconventional pieces, I had to use some sort of unique tool instead of just plain old pencil and white paper, so I decided to use a gel pen, and gray-toned paper which was a better decision. This project helped me view the SF1 AF1 in different abstracted and conceptual ways. During the process I learned that the white gel pen can make your artwork go from terrible to excellent, because at first I just had pencil on gray paper, but now it’s white gel pen on white paper. I’m proud of the fact that Anna Catherine gave me the idea to use white gel pen, and highlight the image, because it looks 10 times better and because it makes the image look sharper. Next time, something differently I would do is use a ruler to make the letters more crisp and not just sloppy and on there. Also next time I would take more time on matting and glueing, to make the art piece look more professional because right now it looks kind of sloppy and the borders are uneven.

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