Word art 2 Nike SF1 AF1

“Representational Piece”
Process: To create this project I referred to the original pencil drawing I did of this shoe, except had it done with pen, and filled with the words Nike SF1 AF1. The process for this art peice was similar to number 4 of 5, except more simple and easy to identify. For this one, similarly I traced the outline from the original image that was done with pencil. In this one, I also used the dark blue pen, because it looked so nice, and because the shoes are blue. For this design all I did was fit the words Nike SF1 AF1 into the shoe perfectly.
Reference Photo:

Sensory: Anna Catherine loved this image and thought that I should keep the image like this, and not add anything more or less.

Formal/Technical: Cerri loved this image too, and said that I should make the small letters fit in the space where the straps go, so that the image wouldn’t just say “Nike.”


Elements of Designs and Principles:

-Space: There is lots of space here, inside the letter, between the letters, and around the letters, which makes it all look fat and simple.

-Shape: The shape of the letters and  the thickness of size of these organic shapes allowed me to make the image unique, by forming the words into the shape of the shoe.

Reflection: Overall I liked this image bacaus ea whole bunch of people I shouted this to liked it, but also because it wa simple word art. Making this piece I learned that the simplicity and vast space of an object can make the object really stand out. I’m proud of how successfully I was able to make the words fit into the shape of the shoe. Next time around I’ll probably see if I can make the space between each word more even instead of big and small, uneven spaces.

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