Word art Nike SF1 AF1

“Representational Piece “
Process: To create this project I referred back to the pencil image I did of this shoe, except once again I did it with dark blue pen and this time filled the shoe with as many words as possible that related to the SF1 AF1. To start, I traced the outline of my 1st pencil sketch, 1 of 5 drawings of the shoe with a 4H pencil on white strathmore Bristol paper. After this was done I filled in the shoe with words that correlated to it’s description, like “blue, Nike Sf1 AF1, Size 13, etc.” For these words I wanted the color of the actual shoes that we own to be revealed in it, so I used a dark blue pen to make the words look humongous and much more cooler. For each word I had to fit them in parts of the shoe, like the swoosh, laces, etc. which made the image look a lot more unique becasue you could still tell that’s what the image was of.
Reference Photo:Nike

Sensory: For the laces, Anna Catherine suggested just to put bike because we couldn’t think of anymore words to put.

Formal/Technical: Ella said that I should add the price of the shoe since I couldn’t  think of anymore words to use.

Expressive: My brother, Kahlil said it looked like I was trying to create a piece of artwork while informing them of the shoe: size, cost, color, type of shoe.

Elements of Principles and Design:

-Shape: For shape, I used organic shapes such as words and numbers that were stretched or squished to fit inside the shoe outline and all the other words.

-Unity: Unity is present as a result of the entire image being made of words that are all similar size, and being crammed together so that it looks all like one thing, not to mention they all relate to one another.

Reflection: Overall, I loved this piece because it was fun and challenging to make the words fit in the the shoe, while making the words for the shape of the shoe. I learned that by making words that resembled the actual shoe, many people I showed were able to figure out that they could recognize what show I drew. For me this meant that I did a good job with the descriptive words within the show, and a good job making the words form the shoe. I’m proud of how cool the image turned out to look, and how I was able to not mess up using pen. Next time around, since this was a success I’ll add some color to make it more of a challenge, and make the image, hopefully look better not worse.

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