Mysterious Eye

Final Image:


Process: To begin, I used Pinterest to look up some ideas for an idea to do, and so as I was doing that I came across multiple varieties of eyes, and since the night before I had just saw The Hobbit, I decided to do a Dragon eye. After finding images in Pinterest I started out by sketching out the layout of what my eye would look like, which was derived off of the images but also of what came to mind whenever I thought of an dragon eye. I started by penciling it on He large sheet of strrathmore paper, then began adding details to different areas along with shade and value. Eventually the piece started to come together, but I ran out of time before I got to finish the bottoms right half, so decided to improvise and make the whole thing have a huge scale I guess, that would have like smaller specs above it to make it looks\ more interesting. Even though the piece didn’t turnout as good as I wanted it to it still caught me by surprise, because I had never drawn an  eye before and never used charcoal so it was nice to see that this was whatsoever a success and big accomplishment for myself.

Mid-Photo: None

Reference Image:



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