Still Life Charcoal

Final Photo:1CA55A0C-8C59-4381-9DA4-5D0E31D2C162

The Process: To begin this art project, I started off by using a Trader Joe’s bag as my surface rather than paper. So after choosing a bag I just ripped it into medium or large pieces, after that I would wet the bag and then put black ink on it. Next after applying the ink, I would squeeze it out so that I could heat press it to flatten the bag and to make the ink stay and to make it more dry. After this I would wait a day, then the next day modpodge them together, wait a day, and while i’m waiting I took photos of my still life objects together for reference photos. After all is I would start sketching out the layout of the still life objects with a 2B pencil, and once that was complete I would start using charcoal pencil to make the pieces look darker along with adding shade, with a 6B charcoal pencil. After making the charcoal make the piece look more complete and blending it, I would continue this process for each object. After that was done, I used a sharpie for highlights, for my gold letters that stood out of the objects and to add some flavor to the drawing. After all this was complete I was finished.

Mid-Project Photo:02B1A212-79A1-420E-B010-73E1FCD59CC0
Reference Photo:
Peer critiques:
SENSORY: Mrs. Johnson recommended for me to use some form of highlight, preferably sharpie, gold or silver.
FORMAL/TECHNICAL: Ms. Johnson also said that for the texture of the football to use a stippling technique so that it looked like the actual texture of the ball, which had tiny dots on it.
EXPRESSIVE: Anna Katherine said to make the objects bigger so that you could see the details more clearly and the message would get across better of what the art meant to me.
-Elements and Principles of Design: Emphasis and value, is applied very well in this piece because once gold sharpie highlights, it was clear that this was going to be a very beautiful piece, in fact because the gold stood out it highlighted parts that weren’t so clearly seen at first, and value was used with the charcoal.

Final Reflection:

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