+ vs – Bicycle


Process: To begin the art piece was to create the outline of an object, with the background having a collage on it and applying spray paint for a design. For my object I chose a bicycle and for my collage I chose bike trail maps. To start I first looked up images of bikes and chose the one that I thought looked the coolest and stood out, and then printed it out on an 11 x 14 sheet of paper. Then I cropped 2 poster boards to the 11 x 14 size, and began dividing up the printed photo and one of the posters into even squares 1 inch by 1 inch so that I could draw the image onto the poster according to the boxes. I first drew them on with a 2h pencil so that I could see the outline. My processs took slightly longer than others because my object had lots of detail and took longer to make sure that everything was perfect. Next I printed out over 5 images of bike trail maps using a colored printer and cut them into squares and mod podged them onto my 2nd poster board. After waiting a day to let the mod podge dry I then got a sheet of tracing paper, and traced the image of the bike from the original poster onto the tracing paper so that I could transfer it onto the back of my collaged poster. After that I got a exacto-knife and a cutting pad and began to cut the outline of the bike. Because my piece had so much detail I mandated to only cut out the pieces that stuck out. After this I would mod podge the outline of the bicycle onto my first original poster board after erasing all the pencil marks on the original board, and letting it dry for a day. Finally, for my spray paint design I decided to do the bicycle tire tracks, so I printed out multiple images of bike tracks and cut them out and placed them in a fancy matter onto my art piece that consisted of my bike outline on my original poster board, and spray painted it to my liking.


Sketch of bicycle on poster board (11×14)
Collage of bike maps for poster board(11×14)
Collage of bike maps cut up and mod podged to poster board (11×14)
Trace bicycle onto tracing paper woth pencil
Transfer tracing paper onto the back of the collage paper
With sharpie outline


Final image with sharpie outline and blue and red spray paint

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