UMich Baby Etch

Final Image: 948D78F3-98B1-4A92-9E73-5F7A589D9E08BC488E31-FB49-49D4-B670-627CB94A63B0

Process: First you chose the photo that you want, that brings warmth to you face and reminds you of your childhood that you can sketch out, and print out the picture, and practice using the tool in a pristine glass block thing. After this you get an even bigger block, one that is big enough to transfer over to your paper size. After sketching the object your doing, you start to carve the glass with a special sharp hands, and then gradually be almost done with the carving phase. After carving you’re piece, you can print it, so the first step is to grab a big piece of that clear paper to set your art piece on. After this make sure you’re designated paper is sitting in the water. Then you dump a little bit of ink on your glass print and use a card to smear it over and then put it back in the container. After the majority of the ink is gone on your print, you then get a paper towel and while away all the remaining ink until you can hold it without getting ink on your hands. Next take your paper out of the water and place it on a another clear paper, and put a white sheet of paper on it, then your print. After this make sure your print is under all three carpet things and roll it forward and backwards, after this you can uncover the print and see how it looks. After that wait for it to dry,  and in the meantime work on your next prints without rinsing your glass piece off after each one. Whenever your I finished my prints I created a background from scratch, which happened to look pretty good, so I used it for my final prints.

Mid-photos/practice photos:

Reference Photo:


Peer critiques:
SENSORY: Mrs. Johnson recommended for me to change up the background so the image didn’t look so copyrighted, and to make it look more abstract and original to me.
FORMAL/TECHNICAL: Cerri said that I should print the picture in black and white so that I could see the shading, and details so that I could include them in my picture. Mrs. Johnson also said to make crosshatching only for the dark parts, and just use hatching for the lighter parts.
EXPRESSIVE: Maggie said that I should add watercolor to my piece to separate my body from the background and give myself more life in the photo, and to show more wise variety of mediums used.
-Elements and Principles of Design: Emphasis and value, is applied very well in this piece because once gold sharpie highlights, it was clear that this was going to be a very beautiful piece, in fact because the gold stood out it highlighted parts that weren’t so clearly seen at first, and value was used with the charcoal.

Final Reflection:

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