Wolf Masterpiece

Final Photo:


Process: In this process, I created an art piece that displayed a wolf in its natural habitat. To start, I looked up images of wolfs in the forest, or on cliffs, mostly in their howling pose because it’s the pose that people think of whenever they see a wolf. Next, I sketched the wolf out and the landscape, and labeled everything out of where everything was going to go and how I was going to put all the art pieces on the paper. I then made it as my rough draft by making edits and telling myself In notes the changes that were going to be made. After this I got my final paper, and sketched out the layout from the image, and began to shade in certain areas, ,outlying for he mountains and go over them with small sharpie and medium sharpie tips. After this I began to shade the mountains because hey looked a little too bland, afterwards I went over everything darker with sharpie, and moved on to the trees and wolf. The trees I just used sharpie and simple little designs toco very that trees were supposed to be shown here. Afterwards I used watercolor and prismacolor to do the sky and other certain spots on the art piece. Lastly, I drew the wolf and design patterns on him an her as well as the shading and highlights. Not to mention for some of the trees I used white out, not only to add more flavor, but also to make certain parts stand out of the pencil medium.


Reference Photo:



Formal/Technical: Mrs Johnson said that even though my concentration focuses on Zentangle and Animals in Nature, I don’t have to just do the same thing for every project. This opened the door for using more mediums and trying to make all my artworks look different from one another while having the same concentration.

Expressive:  Cerri suggested that instead if just making a series of just animals and throwing random animals out there that I focus on endangered animal species, and for the ones that aren’t endangered make them in color, while the ones that are are in black and white.

Sensory: Anna Claire suggested that I try using different  mediums, such as watercolor, colored pencil, pastel instead of just sharpie for all of my projects.

Elements and Principles of Design:

-Line:  I used Line by formatting the texture of the mountains with lines based on the direction the patterns went, also by making the wolf have furry texture, and also with making the trees. For Line I used different pens to make some lines bigger than others.

-Emphasis: I put extra emphasis on the wolf by making it have a simple design pattern to too much because it would Belem in with the mounstisnbecasue the sharpie would make it look darker.

-Space: I used space by making al the white spaces between each land of trees seem like they were further into the distance and also by making it look 3D by making some landscapes higher than the other. Also I used space by making the art pieces not look so crammed up and crowded but evenly spaced so that the art piece revealed the pictured easily without having to guess where everything is.

Reflection:I loved this project because with this new concentration topic I chose, there is so much I can do with it and endless animals to draw. And with the idea of focusing on endangered species and adding color/ more mediums I’m excited to see what other kinds of art pieces I can make without copying directly from the photo. I learned that I could apply different patterns of zentangle whole adding shade to make my artwork stand out. I learned that there is more that  I can do with my art piece which is what I look forward to doing next time.  I’m proud of how good I could make the wolf look in terms of the fur on him, because at first I wasn’t sure how to make the wolf look worrying on how the zentangle would look, but I got the hang of it now. In the future I will continue making animal artworks and instead corporate endangered species into my them, and try to make my own artwork from crafty int]stead of copying from image because when I get to college I know it’s all going to have to be imagination.

Concentration Statement: https://docs.google.com/document/d/17nEduKmGxxdASzBVFEOqLUbqvf10IvFikqUnTVtK9Ec

Final Reflection :



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