Sabertooth Tiger diptych #5

Final Image: DE81B220-ABA4-415B-811B-E9B14CBB9A0043DC09A1-02E5-42C5-92E3-3DA57CADBE35

Process: Similarly as to what I said about my diptych piece #1, for my next piece I wanted to focus on making sure that they related to one another, by making a diptych. In both pieces I show how the sabertooth tiger became extinct, because of over-hunting. The fur of the tiger was used for warmth, like coats and other clothing items and during the winter, where there was heavy snowfall. For my first piece I made the sabertooth tiger skull, with the weapons(bow and arrow, spears) used to kill the tigers, which they eventually became extinct because of this, spray-painted in the background. For this second piece of the diptych I am drawing an upper body image of a Stone Age male hiking through the snow, with sabertooth tiger fur all on him. The face of the tiger will be on top of his head, and it will come all the way to his feet, but for this piece I just wanted to do an upper body shot that way the viewers would be able to recognize that the two pieces go together, because they both have sabertooth tigers in them, the tiger skull from the first piece , and the tiger pelt on top of the individual in this second piece. For my medium, it had to match the medium in my first piece, so I’m using black pen, white gel pen and various gray tones of spray paint. For the process I plan on sketching a humans upper body first, and then slowly adding features that would resemble the Stone Age( lots of facial hair, rough looking skin), and adding a very detailed look of the sabertooth tigers pelt draped on top of the males head and body. For this I will use pen to go over all the marks and for the background I use gray tones of spray paint, and stencils that will show heavy snow coming down to emphasize how the sabertooth tiger fur was used to keep them warm during these time periods. In order to show a very heavy snow storm taking place which were very common in the Stone Age for very long periods of time, I am going to use the stencils and spray paint them at a certain angle to show the wind moving the snow, ripping against the individuals face.



Reference Image:


Formal/Technical: Mrs Johnson suggested that if I’m using gray colored spray paint and pen for one piece, then I should do the same for the second piece that way the viewer could recognize that the two pieces go together and relate to each other. The gray colors give off a endless winter vibe, and since during the ice age it was always cold, the snowflakes, the snow all together in unity show a snow storm that lasted for years.

Expressive:  Kerri suggested that I add more snow and blue-gray spray-paint to show the coldness of the environment. The way I did the spray paint was layer them. The darkest one is used for the background, which to me gives of an endless kind of dark cold vibe, and by adding the lighter ones on top I made a collage of snow. The bluish gray spray paint is the one that really gives of a cold winter vibe in my opinion and so I decided to use this color along with the white to show snow and make it more revealing and stand out from the other gray colors. 

Sensory: The colors I  chose to give the piece a cool feeling, like winter, In this time period winter was every day of their lives, and so by using grays it kind of gives off an endless cod winter vibe. Snow is cold, and has a light pigment to it and by changing the tones of the gray from dark to light depending on how I wanted the light snow to appear in front and the dark in the background.

Elements and Principles of Design:

Movement: I showed movement in my piece by showing an angle/direction in which the snow is being blown by the wind, to show this I spray-painted snow at certain angles to show movement going against the direction the individual is facing to show that the individual is going the opposite way the snow is blowing. In the ice age there were severe snow storms and so I wanted to show a lot of snow blowing in the direction the caveman was traveling.

Color: I used color in my piece by incorporating various gray tones of spray paint for the background of my piece to give off a cool color tone vibe. Light spray paint is for the snow and the dark is more for the background, and by putting them together it creates a scene at nighttime with lots of snow plowing.

Line: I used line in my piece by drawing a very detailed illustration of a Stone Age make matching through the snow, including methods of hatching, crosshatching, and just very detailed graphic kind of drawing. By using my graphic style I created a comic-like style of the skull and the caveman.


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