Australia Forest Fires

Final Image:

Process: For this piece, I wanted to address the situation that been going on in Australia for a long time now, their Koalas are on the brink of extinction, now dare so heavily endangered from the forest fires taking over the forests, that the Koalas have no home, and are dying fast. Reasons this forest fire is happening is both from human(arson burn) and natural(lack of rain, climate change, lightning, brisk winds) causes. To show that Koalas are getting endangered and send a message that we need to do something to help, I wanted to just make it a single piece instead of a diptych and triptych because I wanted all he c[focus to be just one this one image. The image will show koalas in trees that are catching fire, or surrounded m]by many trees on fire, fighter fighter(s) saving the koalas and other things, like maybe an image of the country Australia with highlighted parts of where the fire is happening. For this piece I wanted to experiment with photoshop and procreate, something I’ve never done before because I’ve always been super interested, and if not then I will jus tasked the illustration in a graphic design kind of way.


Reference Image:




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