Australia Forest Fires & Koalas #8

Final Image:


For this piece, I wanted to address the situation that been going on in Australia for a long time now, their Koalas are on the brink of extinction, now they are heavily endangered from the forest fires taking over the forests, that the Koalas and baby Roos have no home, and are dying fast. Reasons this forest fire is happening is both from human(arson burn) and natural(lack of rain, climate change, lightning, brisk winds) causes.
Process: The image will show koalas both in trees that are catching fire, and on the ground being rescued by firefighters. The illustration will contain a massive flame, designed with acrylic paint, used in the acrylic pouring method. The firefighters, koalas, Roos, etc. will all be shown in a silhouette to show unity, and to give off a smoke, ash and charcoal vibe created by he flames.
Materials: I started with getting a 18×24 canvas board, and selecting paint. I chose various shades of red, and orange, and then added yellow and black. I used pen to draw the images and cut them out and paint them black with acrylic paint. And from there I mixed the paint with water to make acrylic pouring. I also used 2 different types of mod-podge for glue and for shininess.



818039C0-4985-4A95-BDD6-B7E1D4661D78Reference Image:


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