Commercial Whaling Diptych #6

Final Image:67A0764A-3300-401F-95C3-8CD9792F6401

Process: For this piece, similarly to my previous Sabertooth Tiger diptych, I wanted to make this piece a diptych also. A diptych would work for this piece because I wanted to not only show the action of whales being hunted for commercial use, and for food, but also show who’s doing it. And so for this piece I decided for the first image, I wanted to show who’s doing the commercial hunting of whales, and Japan is that country that is doing this. It’s illegal to hunt whales in every country, but Japan is the only one who breaks the laws band other countries such as the U.S. and Australia shame Japan for doing For this piece I start off by drawing a globe, and have Japan highlighted in red, because of the blood from the whales that makes the waters red. Next I wanted to make a collage, or drawing of overlapping whales in the background, that way the viewer would see form looking at the piece Japan highlighted in red with whales behind it to give them an idea of what this piece might be about. For this piece and the second piece I plan on doing both in a Japanese style, in artworks such as The Great Wave of Kangawa, the style is unique specifically to Japan art pieces only, and so in order to remind he viewers of this art piece I wanted to do it in Japan theme/style. For my medium I am using pen, maybe watercolor, or I might use ink and print making because they do this in Japan for their art.




Reference Image:


Formal/Technical: Mrs. Johnson suggested to make the first piece and the second piece with two different backgrounds instead of putting two different backgrounds on this first image. She suggested to use the whale drawings as the background for this one so that it made the piece look more detailed but not too complicated.

Expressive:  Maggie suggested that rather than using see through tracing paper for the globe, that I use just another sheet of thick white paper that way it wouldn’t over complicate the piece, and because it’d be easier to glue down and because it would show more emphasis on the globe by making it with a 8.5 diameter.   

Sensory: Audra suggested that I keep this piece black and white mostly because the next diptych piece #2 will bring them both more to life because it will balance them out with color.

Elements and Principles of Design:

Movement: I showed movement in my piece by making all the whales go in one direction for the most part but also by mixing up the direction for some of the. But for th emote part the artwork flow and shows movement to the top right corner.

Emphasis: I used emphasis by making the art piece black and white with pen and only having the red as Japan to highlight that they are the only country that still hunts Blue Whales. Also to draw the attention to all that is red, on these dine piece of this diptych there will be more red to show the bloody water that Japan spills whale blood with. 

Line: I used line in my piece by drawing a very detailed illustration of a blue whales, o made a realistic graphic design approach to drawing this so that it would look similar to all my other styles of drawing object and things with pen.



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