Commercial Whaling Diptych #7

Final Image:

Process: For this piece I am doing diptych because I wanted to not only show the action of whales being hunted for commercial use, and for food, but also show who’s doing it. And so for the first piece of this diptych , I wanted to show who’s doing the commercial hunting of whales, and Japan is that country that is doing this. For the second piece I want to show the act of whales being hunted while still doing both in a Japanese style, in artworks such as The Great Wave of Kangawa, because the style is unique specifically to Japan art pieces only, and so in order to remind he viewers of this art piece I wanted to do it in Japan theme/style. For this piece I plan on drawing a scene taking place, there are multiple boats with whales and dolphins in them, along with people dragging whales into their boats with hooks in the blowholes, and with harpoons in their skin. The water will be red to demonstrate the loss of blood from the whales, and when the ships are drawn I will make it so that they are showing how they force whales to one side, trapped against the rocks and are hunted from there. By making a live action scene it will paint a picture in the head of the viewers and make them try to pay attention to each detail of what’s happening that will let them know that this is an endangered piece snout whaling. For my medium I am using pen, maybe watercolor, or I might use ink and print making because they do this in Japan for their art.


Reference Image:




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